Professional Liability Insurance

  • Referral to a $1 million dollar professional liability policy that covers consulting and educating and runs approximately $138 per year.

Office Packet

  • Client questionnaires, disclosure forms, advertising ideas, invoice and business card samples, etc.

Laboratory testing services for USA and Canada

  • Non-invasive tissue (hair) mineral analysis (excludes New York and California)

Referral List

  • All members will be automatically added to a database which will be used to refer practitioners to the general public.

Resource Link

  • Your webpage can be added to the AADP Resource Link page.

Career Guidance

  • Our director is available to consult with members on how to improve your practice; legal issues, etc.

State Licensing Board Assistance

  • We can write your state board advising them of your qualifications if they offer licensure for your modality of practice.

Professional Affiliation

  • With our membership body made up of MDs to Herbalist


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