Peggy Stora, H.C.
Tonya Fines, H.C.
Brenda Ihle, RN, CHN, HHP
Tricia Cardone, CN, CHHC
Laura Rivkin, CHHC, CPT
Linabelle Finnegan, H.H.P.
Kat Robinson, C-IAYT. E-RYT, YACEP
Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Break addictions & nutritional counseling
Holistic Health Counselor
Sharee Williams, EO, HC
Chrystal Young, PNH, CNHP, CI
Dr. Florence Akin, ND, DNH, PhD
Michael Bliss, Ayur.P
Pamela M. Myers Seyler, NHD, natural health care provider
Lifestyle & Nutrition Health Coach
Dr. Elsa J. Stokes - Energy Medicine & D. Ms
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Denise G. Lantz, PHR, HHC, AADP
Anastasia Baldwin - Color Therapy and Crystal Healing
Brenda Baker, ND, CNHP, CNC, LDHS
Debbie O'Meara - Integrative/Functional Medicine
William Adriance, BS Nutrition, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Reiki
Brenda Moufarrege Bomysoad, CHH., WC., CRP
Denise Cahill, CNC, Bio-energetic Screenings, BioCharger, PEMF
Anil Grover, Health Coach - Functional Medicine
Suzanne Palazzo, HHC
Ryan N. Harrison, MA, HHP, NC, EFT-ADV
Dr. Luis Rojas, HHP, AMP
Alkaline Water Filters & Products.
Olya Piccirillo, C.H.H.C., AADP
Laura Lee, Holistic Health and Body Coach for Women and Girls
David Jameson - Ayurvedic Practitioner
Gloria Flores, CMT, CST-D
Beauty Through Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Nutritional and Natural Health Practitioner
Carolynn Younghusband, B.A., Wellness Consultant, CHHC
Cathy McCarthy, HHP
Certified Health Coach for Women
Erik Harris - Holistic Health Practitioner
Charles D. Bender, DNM, MHR, CCH
Linda Anderson - Spiritual & Life Empowerment Coach
Wellness Programs - Corporate & Personal
Shari Palmateer - Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Nutritional Consultant
Holistic Health Practitioner, professional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
Health & Nutritional Counseling Services
Karen E. Silberstein, CCI, CS, Ph.D.
Veronica R. Lynch, H.H.C.
Kim Goeltom - Holistic Wellness Coach
Aleksandra Price, CHHC, DNA, CEO & Founder
Elizabeth Borge - HHP, Nutritionist(AFPA Master Level), RYT 200, NASM-CPT
Certified Holistic Nutritionist, CPT-NASM, & Lifestyle Coach
Alternative Health Solutions - Kenmare, ND
Master Empowerment Coach
Shona Daily Germino, C.N.W.C., AADP
Danielle & Nicole Cartalemi, H.C.
Mary E. Gates - Crystal & Angel Therapist
The Path to Whole Body Health
Dena Corbin, ND/NMD, RMP, CHHP
Lessa Haire, N.D -
Julia Scalise, DN, PhD
Inspirational Holistic Life Coach, Reiki, Intuitive Reader
Rebecca A. Weinstein, BA, LMT, CAqM, CHC
Chelsae Fornelli, H.C.
Kevin W. Reese, HHP, Chronic Illness Specialist
Aurora Javier - Health and Wellness Coach
Alice Norris, R.M., HHP
A creative Holistic Approach to Wellness
Live a Vibrant Life Thru Holistic Health
Dr. Karen Seremak, N.D.
Esther Andree, MS, CHC
Individualized counseling for a better life
Dianne McNally, H.C.
Raul Dawson, H.H.C.
Paulina Cherabie, H.H.C.
Amie Guyette Hall - Health & Cooking Coach
Stéphane Provencher D.C., F.I.M., D.I.C.S., C.K.T.P.
Bonnie K. Dysinger M.Sc., CPEH, CHHP, C.Ht
Georgina Cannon, C.Ht
Georgina Cannon, C.Ht., C.I.
Jackie Caldwell, HHC
Eco-friendly products and services.
LaRonne K. Quarles - Certified IAT Trichologist & Wellness Specialist
Laura Bautista - Holistic Health Practitioner of Bioenergetic Medicine and a Health & Lifestyle Coach
Misti Wilson, CNHP, MH
Velvet Torain, H.C. - Durham North Carolina
Stacy Budkofsky, CHC
Mandy Sergent, H.H.C.
Dr. Levite Man, PhD Medical Herbalist, MCPP MD(AM)
Kelli DiFazio, H.C.
Rosy McCann, ND, BS, CNHP, CNHC
Anne Nadell - Health & Lifestyle Coach
Linda Coveney, CHC - Plainville, CT
Natalia Levey, CHC
Danielle Shea Tan, MS, CHHC, AADP
Dr. Andrew Larche - N.D, Raw Food Omnivorous Nutritionist, Herbalist
Heather Baird - Certified Health Coach
Alicia McGuoirk, H.C.
Marissa Zitka Abruzzo MS, HC.
Jeff Cohen - HHP RYT-200 BSW CASAC-T
Lynne Wadsworth, C.H.C.
Laila A. Hardy, H.H.C.
Debrah Zepf, H.H.P., M.H.
Tammera J. Karr, MSHN, CNC, CHH, CNW
Beth Colon, M.S., HHP, Southborough, MA. Transform Your Health!
Holistic, Complementary, Integrative Resources
Natural pain linaments and skin ointments
Holli Bassin - Functional Medicine Health Coach
Dame Dr. Catharina A. Lindeque Hunter (PhD IMD DNM DHS CTTP)
Marie Pace, ND CNC - Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Gracie G. Chukwu, N.D., C.N.C.
Connie Kraft, H.C.
Huguette Lelong - HL Nutritional Consultant
Gary Travis, Ph.D. - Energy Healing Therapist
Diane Minkner - Certified Brain Integration Specialist
Living Well - in Mind, Body, and Spirit
Holistic Mental Healthcare
Anne Ferrier Crook, H.C., CD (DONA)
Kris Domitrovits -International Wellness Coach
Jennifer Schonborn - Holistic Nutrition Counselor
Jessica R. Shepard, HHC., MT
Chelsea Schutt, HHP, HC
Lisa Turpin, HHC, AADP
Julia Scalise, DN, PhD
Wolfgang Scheinhart, DBA, DHom - Bioenergetic Health Practitioner
Coleen De Vol, H.H.C.
Karen Malkin Health Counseling
Kay Copeland, E.O.
Kelly Moloney, HHC
Dee Becker, CHHC
Kiya Lester, H.C.
Nancy Blachly, L.M.T.
Laura McClain - Health & Wellness Coach
Marjan Mahallati, RHN
Caren Coe, Naturopath, A.C.N., C.N.H.P.
T. Kari Mitchell, M.Ed Certified Holistic Health Coach Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit
Nancy Love-Martin, N.C.
Nancy Love-Martin,CNC
Linda Yalen - Hormone Health Coach
Diane Marie Ford, H.H.C.
Mary Caroline Craig, CIHC, INHC, RYT
Melissa Boo - Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Yoga Teacher
Prof. Dr. MohammadRamin Zia
Rev. Dr. Padi Naraine - Holistic Therapies Health & Wellness Counselor
Dayan Garcia Campbell - Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
Mary Spohn, Ph.D., RMT
Board Certified Holistic Health Coach / AADP, Nutritional Consultant, Educator, Author, Speaker
Donyelle V. McBride - HHP, CT
Sandra Navarro - Holistic Health & Change of Habits Coach
Meka A. Taulbee, CHHP, ACE-CPT, CHN, CSNC
Holistic Nutritionist based in NYC
Lori Taylor - Certified Health Coach
Dr. Ronit Mor, N.D., Board Certified HHP
Lulu Bechgaard, HHC
Sari Dennis, CHC AADP
Jean K. Pollock, HHP
Don't Let Disease Control Your Life Any Longer
Naturopathic Labs for Professionals and Individuals
Linda Warner - Holistic Health/Wellness Expert & Transformation Coach
Customized Healing Programs
Jaya Pancholy, HHP
Renee Cassidy, MS/DN, CEC
Dr. Erena Treskova
Sharon Ward, ND, BCHHP, CNHP
Alice M. Hudson, E.O.
Kimberly Lloyd, PhD, CNHP, CHNP, CFT
Smita Shah - Meditation and Reflexology
LeAnn Fritz, ND, CNHP
Shawne D. Johnson, CIHC, CEOC
Author of Sugar Shock! (Berkley Books, 2007)
Advanced Trigger Point Techniques
Sweta Vikram - Certified Ayurveda Holistic Health Counselor & Lifestyle Consultant
Sally Eisenberg, CHHC, AADP
Erica Hunter, CHHC
Jeanne Ricks, C.H.C.
Jennifer Medley - Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
Brian J. MacNamara, M.Sc., N.D.
Jennifer McKinley, C.H.H.C.
Dr. Alicia C. Omana, N.M.D., M.P.H.
Susan Bodiker, H.C.
Your Vitamin and Herbal Source
Cyndi Bell, C.H.H.P.
Shannyn K. Marlen, CHHC, RN
Sarah Chatley- Organic facials, Reiki, Nutrition, Meditation
Abby Mason, INHC, BSD
Jeanette Bronee, CHHC
Yolanda Badillo, D.A. Hom
Courtney Jordan
Cherise K Pendleton, MA, CHES, CWHC, CWP - Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine
Jane K. Dye, RN, HC - Holistic Health and Wellness Counseling
Robert N. Miranda II HHP, HHC, NRT
Robert N. Miranda II HHP, HHC, NRT
Jennifer Mattinson, H.C.
Leah Somers, H.H.C.
Full Service: Nutrition Testing, Coaching, Reiki, Pregnancy/Birth
Sheaneh Sattari, Ph.D., N.D.
Jo delAmor, H.H.C.
Embrace a healthy Lifestyle
Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Yoga Teacher
Laysa de la Parra, CHHC
Carissa Konrad, H.C.
Lana Meres - Holistic Nutritional Consultant
Michael Meissner, A.M.P, H.H.P, RMT, M.H., BS/ MS Naturology
Kelly Kolodzinski, H.C.
Lisa Robinson, H.H.P.
Erin Biberston, H.C. - Anti-Aging and Weight Loss
Erica Goldsmith, H.C., INHC
Karen Rose Tank, MS - Integrative Nutrition, Health & Diabetes Coach
Joelle Rabion and Martin Rollins, providing Corporate Worksite Wellness & individual health counseling
Sherri Wray NP, HHP, MH, HC, ICNE, CAA
Melissa Homner, INHC, EOC
Kelly Bisciotti, N.D., M.H., C.H.S., B.C.H.H.P
Maria E. Baez, OMD, LAc, RND, DPH
Fight Disease and Illness Naturally
Melody Iles, Ph.D., NP
Dr. Nicole Lee, D.T.
Tracy Bryant Swint - Feminine Health and Wellness Practitioner
Shana McKinnon, HHC
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Holistic Health Care Practice
Carla DeSimone, CHC, CPT
Isabelle M. Simon, M.A., C.N.
Aleksander Strande, N.D., Ph.D. - Irvine, CA
Susan Simpson Merrill, HHP, AADP
Ronit Kalman, Ph.D., H.C.
Andrea Wright Anderson, H.H.C.
Frances Rosario-Puleo, MA - Health Coach, AADP Certified
Debra Stoltz, AADP, HHC
Miranda Carey Jones - Nutritionist/Fitness and Health Adviser/Counsellor
Certified Holistic Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist
Stacie Morrison CIHC, CINHC, AADP
Larisa Belote, C.H.N.
Amy Swanson, CHC
Shoshana Michel, HHP, EFT-ADV, CiHom
Gina Michele Keskula, H.C.
Deb Provin-Martin, H.H.C. Wellness through Integrative Nutrition
Jacqueline Maria Waller, BBA, HHP
Certified Holistic Health Services for A Better Life, BCHHP, BCIHP, CNHP, RMT
Counseling for Individuals, Couples, Families, and Business Executives.
Laura Hanes - Master Neurolinguistic Health Practitioner
Karen Flam - Philadelphia, PA
Cheryl Berkowitz, CHHC
Mari J. Dionne, CHP
Kimberley Taylor, MSc, CH
Center for Self Healing and Empowerment
Cece James BS, CWK HHP & Jessicca Kumaalla LMT, CWK, HHP
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in Georgetown, Texas.
Yolanda Henderson, CHHC, ND, Founder
Anne Mageau, ND - Therapeutics and Naturopathic Services
Brenda Connell, C.H.H.C., C.G.P.
Traditional Chinese Herbology and Care
Deika King, TND, MH, MS, CCT, RNHP
Jennifer Bitting, CHHP, D.PSc
Better Health 4 U
Amchi Dhonup Tsering - Tibetan Medical
Nisarga Dobosz, BCST, M.Sc, Eng
Dawn Riccardi Morris, H.C.
Nancy Valdes, N.D.
Holistic Mindbody Healing
Emotional Freedom Technique, Homeobotanical Therapy, Flower Essences
Nikaya Kipp, HHP, INHC
Sharon Beall, CHLC, RP, MBA, DP

Serving the New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and South Florida Areas.
Healthy Transformations, Weight-loss and Fitness
Mary Jo Kurtz, H.H.P.
Margaret (Peg) Doyle, H.H.C.
Lauren Vazquez- Optimal Wellness Advocate
Diane Melin, MS, Ph.D.
Maria G. Rizzuti, CHHC, Cheshire, CT
Alexandria Goodman, Ph.D.
Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching
Jill Eleson, CHHC, AADP
Clare Edwards - Certified Holistic Health Coach & Clinical Herbalist
Heather Hewett - Board Certified Naturopath Clinical Nutritionist
Holistic Nutrition & Health Services
Dr. Philip Marquez-McBee
Holli Bassin, H.C., AADP
A community of health care professionals
Melissa Cornish, CHHC, Integrative Nutrition and Wellness
Wendy Cuba-Danca, H.C.